Live Online Cricket Betting Sites #2021

Sports is engraved in the blood of Indians and when we talk about International cricket betting schedule , we talk about something interesting. Indians are not like average people they love taking chances. What else could be a better game of chance than Cricket? Cricket has introduced nearly 300 years ago and with every passing day, its popularity grew stronger especially in India. According to some analysts whenever there is a big match around 400 million tunes to watch it and no wonder why cricket betting is so popular in India. Gambling is popular in India, you can see a gambler in every street gambling on every little thing it can be political outcomes, A game of cards, and even can be ludo. In this case, International cricket betting schedule is a golden opportunity for every gambler in India. In this blog, we are going to talk about the different sights of cricket betting in India.


There are hundreds of Traditionally cricket betting in India and domestic matches every year in India for instance IPL, PSL, Champions league, and world cup which provide a large range of options for cricket betting. For new punters, cricket betting can be a bit complex and challenging. It demands years of experience and required a lot of tricks and predictions since the chance of losing a bet can become a little higher. No worries here are some ways by which we can maximize the chance of wining.

1. Gain Knowledge

This is true Free Pop Games India is highly based on luck but solely relying on it is just not right. For winning cricket betting you required a lot more than luck, a lot of deep knowledge about cricket to make the better wager. You need to learn about the players their format and skills.

2. Analyze Ranking, Ratings, and performance

The rating can help you a lot to which team you should bet on. For anyone to win cricket betting it is necessary to analyze the ranking, Ratings, and performance of the players and match.

3.Check the weather

The weather has a great influence on the match and the pitch like if its a sunny day than it will advantage the batsman.

4. Don't bet more than you can afford

You should bet on only what you can afford and there is a need to take the necessary risks. best indian casino jackpots. It is an easy and speedy money earning path however, betting on a live cricket match can be a bit of a challenge and can require a lot of tricks. You must prepare a safe cricket stagey and always conduct due research.


There are varieties of ways by which we can bet on live cricket as mentioned below:

* Match winner
* Runs of 1st Delivery
* Per Over Run- Totals
* Per Over Run -odds/even
* Per Over Wicket -Yes/No
* Team A 20 overruns – Totals
* Runs in First 6 Overs – Totals
* Methods of dismissal 6-Way
* Dismissal Method
* Team Top Batsman
* Next Man Out
* Player Innings Runs -Total
* Runs at Fall of 1st wicket
* Highest Opening partnership
* To Score most runs

The Do’s & Don’ts of Casino Gambling

Do’s when gambling:

  • Know the Rules
  • Use a Strategy
  • Keep a Bankroll
  • Play for Entertainment
  • Know when to quit

Don’ts when gambling:

  • Chase losses
  • Let emotions decide your next move
  • Play under the influence
  • Use “hacks” or “guaranteed-win” strategies
  • Be rude to dealers or other players


Let’s put things straight; there are no secret hacks, tips, tricks, or strategies that will make you win over and over again.

Countless people state to have the “secret” to online casinos. A secret that can be yours for a small fee. These are scams, don’t fall for them.

Check out these common casino myths so that, next time that someone states something too good to be true, you’ll already know it’s fake.

  • Changing the outcome – Casinos can’t change the outcome. Games run with advanced Random Number Generators, or with the use of professional live dealers. All games are regularly audited to ensure they are fair.
  • Larger bets win more often – Except for a few slots that state that a higher bet increases winning probability, this is false. Any bet amount has the same chance of winning.
  • If you’ve lost for a while, you’re about to win big – This theory, also known as “Gambler’s Fallacy,” or the “d’Alembert strategy,” is based on the idea that if one type of result has happened, the opposite is bound to happen to keep “balance.” There’s nothing that supports this claim, and it will most likely just make you lose your whole bankroll.
  • Using a strategy will, in the long-run, make you win more – In the majority of cases, strategies will not remove the fact that the house always has the edge over the game. Yes, some strategies can bring the RTP (Return to Player) over 100%, eliminating the house edge, but this only lasts for a short period and is still just a theoretical number.