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on 1st December 2020
Written by Chief Editor, Felicia Wijkander and Editorial team.
Published: 24/06/2020

A Pot Worth 5000 Times Your Stake

Get ready for some retro spinning action in the Trollpot 5000 slot machine by NetEnt. An homage to fruit machines of old, NetEnt’s slot has only one payline. Don’t let that fool you. With a main prize worth 5,000 times your stake, you can win a reward fit for a maharaja.

Play Trollpot 5000 For Free

How to win Trollpot 5000

With only 1 active payline, you won’t have trouble understanding how to win Trollpot 5000. Land 3 sevens on it to win 2,000 times your stake and more if you land the jackpot symbols.

Thanks to multiplier wilds and other special features, the 5,000x reward is within your reach. Comparing the 5,000x reward to other games in online casinos, it’s one of the biggest.

No Free Spins to Trigger

A bit surprisingly, the Trollpot 5000 slot by NetEnt doesn’t have a free spins round. Not that it needs it – the slot’s special multipliers can nicely boost your wins and bring you an inch to the top prize.

However, with a bit of luck and the game’s special features, the troll will make golden coins rain down upon you.

Nudge the Reels to Make it Rain

When combined with the Nudge Reels feature, the slot’s Wild Multipliers can bring dem big bucks. One multiplier on the reels will double your wins, two will quadruple them, and three will multiply your wins by 8.

A Jackpot Bonus to Catch

The real star of NetEnt’s slot Trollpot 5000 online are the jackpots. There are three of them: Mini (4,000 coins), Midi (20,000 coins), and Mega (a whopping million coins).

These jackpots can be won after the reels are done nudging.

Jackpots on Winning Stacks

After the reels are done nudging, there might be a jackpot symbol on top of a winning stack. The game will pay the lowest out of the present jackpots.

Three Mega jackpot symbols, for example, will bring you the biggest one. You’ll get the Midi jackpot with one Midi symbol and two Mega symbols. The Mini jackpot is claimed when one of the three symbols land on winning stacks.

Fruit Machine-Inspired Audio & Video

The NetEnt game provider develops excellent-looking games and its latest video slot Trollpot 5000 delivers once again. Its crisp-clear graphics make it look great even though it is obviously retro in style.

The animations are amazing too, with a nice bar that highlights the symbols on the winning payline and blurs the rest.

Techno Retro Vibes

The sounds of the online slot machine are in line with the visual theme. There’s a techno tune in the background which sounds like it was ripped from a European techno bar.

When it comes to the sound effect, you can expect coins clinging and reels turning. You know, just like on real fruit machines.

Symbols and graphics

The symbols in the game are nicely designed. Hand-drawn mushrooms and a four-leaf clover grace the reels, but they are on the low-paying side.

When it comes to the high-paying symbols, you can expect to see a few familiar “faces”.

Sevens and Stars Raise the Bars

Fruit machines in the past relied on sevens and stars to deliver big wins. The Trollpot 5000 slot machine does the same. Three sevens on the payline multiply your wins by 10, while three stars multiply them by 5.

There’s no visual disparity between the high and low-paying symbols. Instead, everything looks pretty nicely detailed which is a nice touch.

Summary of Trollpot 5000 slot machine

NetEnt’s video slot Trollpot 5000 does fruit machines justice. It doesn’t add new reels and keep vintage features as others do. Instead, it keeps the focus on one reel but adds multiplier Wilds and Jackpots to make it rain golden coins upon the reels.

It’s a very simple slot for new Indian players and one that brings delightful features to the table. Play it for fun to travel back in time or play Trollpot 5000 for real money in Indian online casinos to hit the golden pot and become the next Indian millionaire.