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How to Play Live Casino Hold’em Online

Texas Hold’em Poker is one of the most famous and most played versions of Poker in the country and the world. Most of the Poker tournaments you see being hosted at these beautiful islands of Macau or Las Vegas, Texas Hold’em is that game that is played.

In this review, we at Seven Jackpots wish to let you know what the basics of the game are, the vast options you can find to play Live Casino Hold’em, types of the game as well as the bonus and promotions you might come across. Playing Live Texas Hold’em in India from various operator websites are experiencing the atmosphere of casinos in Macau or Vegas, from your home.

Even though casino games are majorly played virtually, Live Casino Hold’em is where you can play the game online as well as stay connected to real people on the other side.

What is Live Casino Hold’em?

Live Casino Hold’em or Texas Hold’em is a version of Poker which you can play virtually but with a live dealer who is in an actual casino setting with a table and many other real dealers behind them.

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With Live Casino Hold’em, you can experience the very best of online gambling and Poker all under one roof. You not only get the exposure of online Poker where you can choose your bets, the tables you sit on, the deposits as well as withdrawals, you also get authentic interaction with a real live dealer being a part of the game.

Human beings in nature are social, however, when the shift from physical or land-based Poker to online Poker happens, the humane touch is often lost. The online casino operators listed in this article understand the need for human beings to connect while playing the game and not only through a closed network but to actually see who they are talking to.

Live Casino Hold’em is a step forward which caters to the multifaceted aspect of live casino gambling. You can see your dealer. You can see them placed at a casino setting and lastly, you can converse with them about the game as well.

Choosing a Live Casino with Live Casino Hold’em

Almost like everything else in the world, there are many casino websites spread globally. There are some websites which cater to people from certain continents while there are others which are banned in the others. However, most of them have so many similarities.

So how do you know which website is the right one?

There are a number of criteria through which you can decide which online casino would be the best fit for you since most of them feature Live Casino Hold’em and they all have a similar look and feel. So to make it easier for you and all our readers, we have compiled a general list of criteria and also added a list of the best online casinos where you can play Live Casino Hold’em without worrying about anything.

  • License – Since online gambling is present in many unregulated countries where safety and privacy are of utmost importance, licensing is a top criterion to choose an online gambling operator to play Live Casino Hold’em. If the online casino has a license from the Malta Gambling Authority or the UK Gambling Commission, it is regulated and completely safe to play at.
  • Accepting INR – The criteria of accepting the Indian Rupee as a currency is not often seen in online casinos unless they have a website which is specifically made for the Indian market such as 1xBet or Showlion. Accepting INR is something not many gambling operators do but playing at one will make it a lot easier for you to bet, deposit money as well as make withdrawals. The hefty conversions and other fees will not be required to be paid.
  • Fast Withdrawals – If you have been playing at an online casino which allows you to withdraw your winnings and will deposit the money within 2-3 working days, it would be ideal to play at that website operator rather than one which takes more than 4-5 business days to process your withdrawals.
  • Live Casino Hold’em Bonus – When you are checking for casinos to play Live Casino Hold’em it is important to check what kind of bonuses the operator offers. If they have a no-deposit live casino bonus, it adds to your wallet and can be used without investing your own money.
  • Responsible Gambling – Live Casino dealer websites to focus as much as possible on the aspect of gambling. The more focus the operators give to the condition and dedicates a portion of their content to address the condition and bring out ways to help the players overcome this condition as well. It should be an equal effort from the website and players to understand, recognise and help.

However, these are not the only criteria which should be present in the website operator for the people at.

What is a Branded Live Casino Studio?

Watching a match at a stadium and watching the match at home are two very different experiences. Imagine if both of them came together where you could be a part of the stadium audience by being at home. This is what a branded live casino studio would feel like.

It is something similar when it comes to a Live Casino studio. The environment and feel it offers is something truly unique and makes playing the game so much better and being a part of it enhances the experience of gameplay tenfold. It is unique to be a part of dedicated Live Casino Hold’em studio and feel what it offers.

Coming to the fun part of the studio, you can see, talk to and interact with so many pretty dealers all over the world both men and women. Even though you cannot choose the dealer of your table, however, being a part of this studio can make it possible for you to talk to people from all over the world.

There are several online casinos in India with branded studios such as Rizk and LeoVegas.

Best Indian Casino Hold’em Casinos 2020


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Live Casino Hold’em Bonus

Just like various casino operators have different kinds of bonuses such as no-deposit bonus, first deposit bonus, etc. a live casino bonus is one which is specifically given for all kinds of live casino games found in the operator website.

When a casino site assigns a live casino bonus under their category of bonuses, you know that they are serious about the section of games falling under the category of a live casino.

There are many differences when it comes to a regular bonus which an online casino operator offers and the live casino offer. In most cases, a website offers you either a no-deposit bonus or a bonus on your first bonus along with free spins. It is more of a one-off, however, when it comes to a live casino Hold’em bonus, it is more of a long-term scheme where if you keep playing and win or lose, you open yourself up to a number of more opportunities for new promotions or getting involved in campaigns already existing on the website or the ones which may be introduced in the future.

There are many tournaments which are held by the website which you can take part in where you can compete with novice players to professionals from all over the world and get a chance to win big and maybe take that vacation to Bali or Thailand you wanted. Getting a Live Hold’em bonus opens a door filled with opportunities!

Promotions and Campaigns

Just like every other company you come across every day giving various discounts, running campaigns during an event, etc. a Live Hold’em website does the same, just that they don’t advertise it. Online casinos such as Leovegas, have various promotions going on for their live casino games where you can get up to Rs.30,000 when you log in and make your deposit.

Apart from this, various other casinos online offer various promotions in the form of bonuses, exclusive tournaments and much more for Live Casino Hold’em players during special occasions such as the festive season such as Diwali, Dusshera, and even Christmas.

After you have made your first deposit, you can avail a number of deposit bonuses which will be available to you for not only live casino games but also slot games, sportsbook betting at kabaddi or cricket, etc.

Websites will also be sending you regular notifications in case you are eligible for participating in a promotional event such as a Casino Hold’em tournament or if the casino is conducting campaigns or loyalty programs for its live casino players from around the world. In this way, you can get unrestricted access to games, bonuses, events, and much more.

Why Can’t You Play Live Casino Hold’em for Free?

Live Casino Hold’em is a game which falls under the category of live casino games and cannot be played for free because for every game, you are not the only one playing. There are a number of other players who are at the table and playing for money.

Like slots and other games, you can do a trial run before getting out the big guns the game isn’t played solo. So if you are playing Live Casino Hold’em you have to make sure that there is the minimum amount in your wallet since you cannot check the game out for free.

However, in some cases, you can make an account on the website without depositing money, if the live table game allows it you can click on it and see how the players and the dealers go about the game. If you are new to the game, the rules of the game will be explained during gameplay and you can get a fair idea about how the game is played.

Developers of Live Casino Hold’em Games

Image of Live Casino Hold’em Games

Some of you might know the developers who make all kinds of games for the online betting world. There are some big names out there such as Microgaming, NetEnt and more who have made a name for themselves making slot games, live casino games and even jackpot games. Now there are other game developers who are fairly new to the betting world and they make the games which are niche and cater to certain audience they wish to target.

Unlike slot games, live casino hold’em games are comparatively tough to program, develop and put it on the operator websites.


Because they require direct streaming from their studio to reach to all corners of the world and not only that, the game has to work to be fair and without any lag to all those corners of the world. Not only that, there is more innovation and diversity required to develop these live casino games.

Hence, you see the Live Casino Hold’em game developers include really beautiful ‘sexy’ women to be chosen as the dealers or have a vast variety of the same game so they can keep the players engaged.

Evolution Gaming

The Live Casino Hold’em games from Evolution Gaming has been the gold standard in the live casino world. They stand out as they are among the first ones to have developed these types of games which serve as a connection between the real world and the virtual world.

Be it, Roulette, Casino Hold’em or any other card game, Evolution Gaming has set the standard by offering a wide range of variations for the people to try out and have fun at the same time. The dealers they have at their studio are from around the world and can speak different languages as well which caters to people who understand those languages as well.

As for the gameplay, Evolution Gaming has made the live Casino Hold’em game so simple to understand where we could just see how the players and the dealer were going about the game, and you know what needs to be done and how to play the game. The experience that this developer has put forth is nothing less, if not more than what you would experience at an actual casino.

Types of Live Casino Hold’em Games

There are mainly two types of Live Casino Hold’em games and both of them are developed by Evolution Gaming itself. We at Seven Jackpots have listed these two games along with a brief overview of how these variations are played.

2 Hand Casino Hold’em

Image of 2 Hand Casino Hold’em

Evolution Gaming has released a new version of Live Casino Hold’em where the live dealer deals the player 2 hands. Now, the players can choose to play both the hands or either one of them depending on which one is more favourable for a win.

This game seems to be one bit better than the actual game mainly because you have the option of choosing between two hands which are dealt. However, the standard rules of Casino Hold’em apply along with any side bets as well.

Live Casino Hold’em Jumbo

This version of the game is new and also developed by Evolution Gaming. The name ‘Jumbo’ describes big wins which can be won by the people playing the game as it is a progressive jackpot.

With this game, all the operators who have signed up with Evolution Gaming will be participating in this jackpot and the person who has a 7-card straight flush will be the winner of the jackpot. If there is more than 1 person having the winning cards, the jackpot will be split. Each and every player will have a stake in the jackpot who are placing the bonus bet during the cards being dealt.

Sign Up and Play Live Casino Hold’em Today!

Now that we at Seven Jackpots have given you an outline and more about live casino games and Live Casino Hold’em, what are you waiting for? This is your opportunity to try out something different and better. Sign up at any of the websites listed above and start winning today!


Deposit ₹10,000 – get ₹15,000 EXTRA to bet with!

  • Paytm & G-Pay through Net Banking
  • Local Indian brand
  • Roulette, Teen Patti & Andar Bahar games
  • Biggest jackpots!