Craps Online Games

Craps is one of the most entertaining table games that you can find at a casino. Players are shouting, throwing dice, placing bets, collecting wins!

It’s also a game that is known to be intimidating due to the pace of the game. We’re here to tell you that Craps is easier than it looks.

This online Craps guide will make you ready to play in no time!

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  • Live Craps table online
  • Learn how to play Craps
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What is Live Dealer Online Craps?

For obvious reasons, live Craps looks quite different when played online. For starters, instead of four dealers, there’s only one.

An automated mechanical arm throws the dice, and there are no players physically present at the table.

When playing Craps online, it is also exclusively played using a Craps table. In other words, it can’t be played against a wall or on the street, as you might’ve seen people do in India.

One round of Live Craps Online

Let’s take an example using the most common way to play Craps for the sake of simplicity:

  1. You place a bet on the “Pass Line.”
  2. The dice are rolled for a Point.
  3. You place additional bets.
  4. Dice are rolled, and you are paid depending on the outcome.

Play Mobile Craps Online

Just as two dice easily fit in your pocket (a lot easier than a deck of cards or a roulette wheel!), the whole game of Craps fits easily on your mobile!

The latest live Craps games are optimized for mobile use, which means you can play from anywhere on your mobile or tablet.

Craps Apps

The game is optimized for mobile devices, allowing you to play Craps games online on casino apps!

Well-renowned casinos such as LeoVegas and Pure Casino have their own gambling apps where you’ll find the latest games, promotions, and winning opportunities!


Guide to Playing Online Craps

You might’ve looked at the bullet points above and still feel just as confused about the concept of a Craps casino game as before.

Don’t worry; it’ll make sense in a minute.

Learning how to play Craps might feel overwhelming, but taking it step-by-step, you are ready to play in a few minutes!

Craps Bets

The most common Craps bets are the Pass Line and Place.

The Pass Line bet has to be placed if you want to participate in the “come out roll” payouts, while Place bets are placed once the Point bet is active.

Craps Rules

Craps rules will differ depending on if you’ve placed a Pass or a Don’t Pass bet.

If you’ve placed a Pass Line bet, a 7 will mean game over.

If you’ve placed a Don’t Pass Line bet, you’ll win on a 7, while you’ll lose on the Point.

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The Online Craps Casino Game

In Craps, you’ll want the dice to roll the number you’ve placed a bet on. When placing a Pass bet, you’ll win on a 7 or 11 on the “come out roll,” and lose on 2, 3, or 12.

Numbers 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, and 10 are Points, and the active Point is shown on the table by the dealer moving the marker to the Point number, turning it to show as white “ON.”

Once the Point is established, the dice are rolled until they hit the Point, or a 7.

Online Craps vs Street Craps

In online Craps, players bet on the game’s outcome and are paid according to payout odds set by the casino.

When playing Street Craps, the game is played on the street against a wall, and while players bet on the outcome, the payouts are paid according to the bets placed by all players. There are no dealers in street dice.

Versions of Craps

You can find two different versions of Craps online: Live Craps and RNG-craps.

In Live Craps, you are playing at a live-streamed table hosted by a Craps dealer. Bets are placed using a digital interface.

RNG-Craps is completely digital and uses a Random Number Generator for the outcome of the game.

Gambling Strategies for Craps

One of the most interesting things about Craps is that it is a versatile game, which means that you can play it in many different ways.

Craps strategies are very fun to use, and what’s great about them is that they are very easy to learn!

Using strategies such as Three Point Molly or Iron Cross can increase your winning chances, while also adding to your overall gaming experience.

Live Craps Providers

Live Craps is a brand new concept for online casinos. Previously you were only able to find the odd RNG-Craps table at a handful of casinos.

But as the live casino technology becomes more advanced, players can now enjoy the original and popular live version of the game online!

Craps by Evolution Gaming

First out with a live Craps table is Evolution Gaming! Their live Craps game allows for an unlimited number of players and uses one dealer.

Dice are thrown using a mechanical arm, and the dice are loaded into the arm with random sides each round.

The arm also throws the dice with varying speed, to ensure each throw is 100% random.