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Published: 05/08/2020

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How to play Teen Patti

teen patti table with dealer screenshot
Teen Patti, the beloved desi card game that was founded by 3 Card Brag! Learn how to play Teen Patti with this easy-to-use guide.

We’ll take you through the rules of Teen Patti online, different card hands, bets, and how to easily deposit and withdraw your winnings while playing at one the casinos listed here at SevenJackpots.

Ready? Let’s get started!

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How to play 3 Patti online step by step

Learning how to play Teen Patti online is much easier than learning to play it at a land-based casino or with friends.

Here’s how to play live Teen Patti online:
1. Pick a casino to sign-up at and make your 1st deposit
2. Select a Teen Patti table
3. Place your Ante and potential side bets
4. Receive your cards and decide if to Play or Fold
5. If you play, see dealers cards, and either win or lose your bet

As you can see, how to play Teen Patti can be summarized in two easy steps, and all you need to be aware of is which hands are the most valuable.

Teen Patti rules

The rules of Teen Patti in India are simple; have a better hand than the dealer.

3 Patti is played with one 52 card deck, and the dealer will only play a hand that has a queen or better.

You’ll decide if you want to play your hand or not once you’ve received your cards, and deciding to play by placing your bet will reveal the dealer’s cards, revealing if you won the hand or not.

The Play bet amount is always double that of the Ante.

Game outcomes

Both Ante and Play pay 1:1. The Ante bonus and side bets pay a bit differently depending on the hands revealed on the table.

Note that the below payouts are based on the live Teen Patti table from Ezugi. Payouts may differ depending on table and provider.

Ante Bonus Payout
Royal Flush 5:1
Straight Flush 5:1
Three of a kind 4:1
Straight 1:1
Pair or Better Payout
Royal Flush 200:1
Straight Flush 40:1
Three of a kind 30:1
Straight 6:1
Flush 3:1
One pair 1:1
3+3 Bonus Payout
Royal Flush 1000:1
Straight Flush 200:1
Four of a kind 50:1
Full house 25:1
Flush 20:1
Straight 10:1
Three of a kind 5:1

Teen Patti is actually one of the few games of gambling widely allowed in India, especially during Diwali.

However, when learning how to play Teen Patti online, you’ll want to pick an online casino not physically located in India.

The reason is that India’s gambling laws won’t affect those casinos, so you can play without worrying if you are breaking any laws!

Teen Patti hands

The hands in 3 Patti follow the structure of poker hands slightly, with the difference that you only have three cards instead of five.

  • Mini Royal* – Suited Ace, King, and Queen
  • Straight Flush* (also called “Pure Sequence”) – Three suited cards in a sequence
  • Three of a Kind (also called “Trail” or “Set”) – Three cards of the same rank
  • Straight (also called “Sequence” or “Run”) – Three cards in a sequence
  • Flush (also called “color”) – Three cards of the same suit
  • Pair – Two cards of the same rank
  • High card – A hand with no other combination. Highest card plays

*Only available at some tables.

How to win in Teen Patti

To win in Teen Patti, you will need to have a better hand than the dealer. Knowing what hand is better is an essential part of learning how to play Teen Patti.

If your hand is a Three of a Kind and the dealer has a Straight, you win. In contrast, the dealer wins if they have a Straight while you don’t have any combinations.

It’s also possible to win without having the best hand. This is done by using the side bet features, which we’ll take a closer look at now.

Betting interface

The betting interface that you can interact with when playing real money Teen Patti is shown on the table.

Usually, you have four betting sections: Ante, Play, Pair or Better, and 3+3 Bonus. Some tables, especially RNG-versions (Random Number Generator), will only have Ante and Play, which greatly lowers your possibility of big payouts.

The interface can also show a live chat, as well as a digital preview of the cards, notifying you if you have any combinations or not.


The Ante bet is an obligatory bet that has to be placed for you to participate in the game. It can be seen as the cost you have to pay to see your cards.

When learning how to play Teen Patti online, live tables are best, as they’ll always show your cards.

At some RNG-tables, you can choose to play “Blind,” not seeing your cards. This allows you to place a Play bet half the size of the Ante, instead of double the size.


If the cards you are dealt are good, you can choose to play them against the dealer. This is done by placing a Play bet.

This bet will always be twice the size of the Ante bet when playing Teen Patti live in India. To help you decide if you should play or not is the digital preview of your cards in the betting interface.

It will notify you if you have a combination.

You will, however, need to keep track of the rank of combinations, as a hand with one pair will still have a high risk of losing to the dealer having a better hand.

Pair or Better

As the name suggests, the side bet Pair or Better will pay if your hand has a pair or better.

What’s interesting about side bets like this one in Teen Patti is that they will remain in play even if you decide not to place a Play bet!

Of course, it would be rather rare that you’ll not play your hand if it has a good value, but it’s still something to keep in mind when playing.

3+3 Bonus

The 3+3 Bonus is similar to the 6 card bonus in 3 card poker. This side bet will make use of both your and the dealer’s cards to create the best 5-card poker hand.

This is the side bet with the greatest potential; an essential side bet to be aware of when learning how to play Teen Patti.

A Royal Flush with this bet active will pay a massive 1000:1! In other words, a bet that will make you an instant crorepati if your bet is ₹10,000 or more!

The table layout

One thing that you will notice as soon as you sit down at a real money Teen Patti table is that the table itself is very clean.

Online Teen Patti at a casino site will see you play against the dealer, not against other players, so the table usually only has six card spots, three for you and three for the dealer.

Some tables will also mention the rule of the dealer having to have queen high or better to play.

How to make deposits and withdrawals

You’ll realize why Teen Patti online India is much better than its brick-and-mortar sibling as soon as you want to make a transaction.

Usually, you’d have to leave the table to do this, but when playing online, you can top up your account, or cash out your rupee winnings while at the table!

This is done using some of the world’s most secure payment methods, meaning that you can use your investment without any fear of it ending up in the wrong hands.


The evolution of mobile payments has brought us Paytm. A secure payment method tailored for the Indian market, created by Indians.

The method allows you to complete transactions, both deposits, and withdrawals, instantly through your phone.

The method uses secure two-way encryption and is on the rise at several Indian casino sites. 10CRIC offers this method to all its players, making them a strong contender for the title of best Teen Patti casino.

Google pay

Similar to Paytm is Google Pay. This mobile-based payment method is used by millions of people worldwide, as it is compatible with Android and iOS devices.

One gambling site that uses this method is Pure Casino. Pure delivers a stable casino experience where you can play Teen Patti while withdrawing your winnings securely.

You can also enjoy their site in a total of five different Indian local languages, including English.

Play for free first

If you are still feeling a bit hesitant to dive right into playing real money Teen Patti after you’ve read our how to play Teen Patti guide, why not start by playing for free?

All new players who sign up at JungleRaja get ₹500 in bonus to play for. And, as you might’ve guessed, you can use these to play 3 Patti!

There are also RNG-versions of the game that allows for fun-money gameplay. Just remember, any fun-money winnings are just that. Play for real instead and win real money, believe us, it’s much more fun!